kittens, exotic and persian

cream van & bi colour exotic bubbas @ 3 wks,will be available  DEC,2017-JAN 2018above babies black bi,s & blue torti girl,have joined their new families.   

MY FBK PGE-- MYTRISHAEL PERSIAN AND EXOTIC CATS, where you can see videos of current babies that will be available soon,




if you are interested in having any of these young little ones, share your life ,please email some info about yourself, plus always ph 0754969741 as will not let these babies go without speaking personally with potential new homes.---- xxx.


.all kittens have been raised on raw meat diet,with raw supplements added.meal sizes can be increased as they mature


MORNING  1 tspn Jalna greek yoghurt, at least 15 mins prior to their breaky as their stomach acids will render probiotics useless if given with a meal.

BREAKY. 1 dspn human grade chicken.cut up into bite size pieces,1 tspn ultimate indulence fish range,or same of human grade Mackeral in its own oil,1 tspn of fermented soaked overnight .www.vets all natural  complete mix .small pieces heart 1/2 tspn,a natural source of taurine essential to felines,small sliver of liver,added to morning meal.

MIDDAY MEAL only needed while they are growing into adults.  1 dspn raw human rade beef mince.light sprinkle of mineral powders.Bioaktive, & or alternate days with human grade fossil flour,  

EVENING MEAL .chicken/turkey mince.roo mince.1 tsp coarsely minced frames from butcher, remove any sharp long bit of bone,with nil added bran /skins,later they can have pulverised chicken neck bits instead.

NIGHTCAP .1 dspn Pauls goat milk at room temp or slightly warmed on cold nights.

once kits have progressed & settled into new home,meats & complete mix can all be mixed together,we feed the meats seperately at first from 6 wks to see the kittens do not have any probs with certain meats,before they progress to being able to have most meats combined in a meal.

all of our cats/ kittens enjoy daily early morning sunshine,giving them  natural vit d source from sunlight, as well.



ANTIPARASITIC MAINTENANCE homoeopathic PARAEXPEL pillules in their drink water --certified spring water only--,ParaExpel available from when needed,so easy,for new owners ,

kittens are desexed,prior to leaving, when they will be ready for their new homes,a deposit of $300.00,not refundable,is required to secure your kitten,to be raised until old enough ,not before14 wks,to share his/ her life with you,


 each kitten is registered with QFA pedigree papers,pet kittens are priced from $850.--$1500.

entire kittens on full register,to approved reg breeders only,involved with showing/breeding /testing,due to their commitment in the betterment of the breed.$1500--$1800.

plenty of loving gentle care for our kittens and cats,is a must,expense is not spared to raise our gorgeous feline family,and to pass on to their new owners happy healthy youngsters.please when applying for a kitten, tell me about yourself ,as utmost importance is the kittens welfare in their new inside home,our darlings will not be sold to just go to anyone.I am more than happy to keep in touch ,& share with you any advice you may need,in the loving care of your new little furball,& look forward to sharing pics along the way

we are a PKD Free in house cattery.

up coming litters       


OCTOBER & NOVEMBER & december 2017

january & february 2018.              

pics will be posted on fbk pge also.---mytrishael persians and exotic cats --                         













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